Citrix + Google Cloud: Delivering zero trust security

Citrix Workspace on Google Cloud extends the zero trust approach from the endpoint to the network, giving you the opportunity to accelerate your digital transformation by using “security as a tailwind, not a headwind.”

Watch the video to learn how Google’s BeyondCorp coupled with Citrix Workspace enables access to applications from anywhere and any device with the peace of mind of layers of world-class security.

See how Citrix + Google Cloud are delivering zero trust security

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Solution brief: Deliver workspace security and zero trust with Citrix and Google Cloud

Google Cloud and Citrix are working together to empower our customers with Zero Trust approaches. Together, we have an unprecedented opportunity to usher in a better, safer normal with secure workspaces built upon a foundation of the global Google Cloud network and our layered security capabilities.

Sunil Potti
GM and VP of Cloud Security
Google Cloud

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