Going back to the office will be anything but back to normal

Identify the right solutions to support a flexible way to work

Finding the right balance between what worked before and how offices should be structured today is going to be a big challenge. Careful planning will be key—and it’s going to require all of the leadership insights you can muster.

Citrix is here to help you through the process. Get the expert insights you need to reopen as safely and seamlessly as possible—all while giving employees the support they need to remain productive and engaged.

Build your back-to-office plan

You changed your policies, adopted new technologies and enabled employees to work from home. But now, it’s time to start thinking about bringing people back to the office. Only this time, you’ll need to look at the workplace from a whole new perspective—one with far-reaching implications for not just employees but families, customers and communities, too. From health screenings and employee wellness to local mandates and legal compliance, there’s a lot to consider.

Facilities feedback 

Increase employee engagement and employee eNPS by making office space a safe place to work.

  • Quick reports with feedback or incidents to Facilities to offer a safe workplace

Crisis communications

Real-time communication for a safe and compliant office space.

  • Important office or company announcements in real time

Employee satisfaction

Take a data-driven approach to improving employee retention.

  • Quick pulse surveys to track and improve employee satisfaction

COVID-19 safety 

Increase safety and compliance for your office space and employees.

  • Employee health self-certification and notification

Help protect the wellness of every individual with easy-to-use apps

Employees do their best work when they feel safe. Which is why it's so important to manage the moments that matter most, from the first day back to the initial team meeting. Citrix Workspace provides a powerful set of ready-to-go microapps you can use to help maintain facilities, increase safety, ensure compliance, track engagement, retain employees and more.

See below how Citrix partner Brick Bridge Consulting is using Citrix Workspace to transition employees back to the office safely.

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Citrix and HPE Pointnext Services help you lead the return to the office

Citrix and HPE recently announced support for new back to office initiatives enabling workers to return to office with confidence. Read our solution brief to learn how Citrix and HPE Pointnext Services help you return to the office.

Creating a digital health and safety plan to get back to the office

Getting ready to go back to the office?

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Back to office: Ensuring safe workspaces after COVID-19

Ensuring safe workspaces after COVID-19

Find out how Citrix solutions can help your organization monitor and ensure employee safety, emotional well being and government regulations across different regions and sites.

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