How to create your zero trust strategy

Watch expert videos from the Citrix Security Summit

As your remote workforce grows, so do the new threats to your applications and data. Your IT team is now responsible for protecting a larger attack surface than ever before.

How can you adopt a zero trust strategy that protects your organization without disrupting your employee experience? These expert videos from the Citrix Security Summit can get you started.

You’ll get an in-depth look at how to design a zero trust approach that strengthens access security while giving employees their choice of devices and applications. This keeps everyone productive while ensuring your business is safe from the latest threats



Calvin Hsu
Vice President, Product Management, Citrix
Citrix Workspace security: Zero trust in a distributed world

Sunil Potti
Vice President of Security, Google Cloud
Citrix + Google Cloud: Delivering zero trust security

Sriram Sitaraman
Chief Innovation Officer, Synopsys
Protecting apps with Citrix is paramount for Synopsys