Building microapps

Building custom microapps involves several tools including an HTTP Data Integration Provider service, JSON and REST APIs, and the microapp builder console to retrieve data from your systems of record (applications) and create a microapp that is used within Citrix Workspace. 

In the third episode of the TIPs Citrix Workspace webinar series , you’ll learn about building custom microapps and the specific skillsets needed.

Doug Demskis, Principal Architect and Peter Prose, Domain Specialist will: 

  • Show you how to configure the connection to the system of record
  • Walk you through the microapp build process
  • Discuss using API wrappers for systems of record that don’t support REST/JSON
  • Describe key skills required for successful implementation 

Whether you choose to build them in house or engage our team of experts, Citrix Workspace microapps are powerful efficiency tools that organize, automate, and guide you through the workday. 

Live Q&A: Get answers to your questions from the Citrix experts at the conclusion of the webinar.