A new day for IT leaders: how modern digital workspaces change the game

There was a time when using point products to manage an enterprise IT environment was the norm – and for the most part, the plan actually worked. One component came from this vendor, another from a competitor, and something else from a different supplier entirely. Cobbled together, these products were the basis of what was a “solution” of sorts, an answer that alleviated some of the pain felt by CIOs.

But today is a new day in the life of IT leaders. The flow of information has grown out of control, an ever-demanding list of changes comes in every 24 hours, and five generations populate the same corporate workforces – each group having a different workstyle and different needs and wants.

In this 30-minute webinar, you’ll hear from a VP of IT that understands these challenges intimately.

  • See how a single platform approach changes the game
  • Learn why a more modern digital workspace solution offers more choice and flexibility
  • Hear about the “day in the life” of an IT leader at Citrix, a leading workspace provider


Matt Crawford
Director, Workspace Product Marketing

Trenton Cycholl
VP, Enterprise Applications

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