Citrix Workspace: A better, more intelligent way to work

Let’s face it -- today, work is more complicated than ever. We rely on too many apps, spend too much time searching for information and navigate complex apps to accomplish what should be simple tasks. All of this degrades the user experience. Meanwhile, transitioning to the cloud compounds the problem by adding network complexity and security challenges. The result is staggering: most employees aren’t engaged in the work they’re doing. That means they aren’t productive. Ultimately this impacts every aspect of business.

At Synergy 2019 in May, Citrix unveiled new Citrix Workspace intelligent features along with advancements in Citrix Networking and Citrix Analytics. View this webcast on to learn how Citrix technology enables people to focus on work that matters and deliver their best levels of performance.

  • Discover how Citrix Workspace helps organize, guide and automate work
  • See a demo of new intelligent workspace capabilities: personalized notifications and automated workflows that reduce distractions and improve user productivity
  • Learn how Citrix Networking improves the user experience with unified control, performance and security for every user, location and cloud
  • Discover how Citrix Analytics delivers a single view of actionable insights and offers proactive resolutions for security, performance and productivity issues


Amandeep Nagra

Calvin Hsu
VP Product Marketing