Deliver consumer-grade End User Computing (EUC) with proven IT flexibility

End user computing strategies must be updated to adapt to the way people work today—whether it’s from an office, a client site, a hotel or a cafe. IT can meet business productivity goals with a digital workspace that lets employees be mobile, secure and efficient. Improve worker satisfaction on any type of personal or corporate device. Integrate employee access to app delivery, data, mobility and networking for a flexible, consumer-like experience.

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Deliver digital workspaces in ways that make sense to your geographic, regulatory and business demands with a seamless experience for employees. Citrix Workspace Suite can be delivered from your data center, in the cloud or via a hosted service provider. Choose the option – or options – that make sense to your organization.

Citrix digital workspaces deliver a smooth, efficient experience for your end users. Digital apps—including graphics intensive apps—are fast and responsive, even on touch devices. Quickly move between mobile apps, shared files and virtual desktops.

Citrix products

Citrix Workspace Suite

  • Industry-leading end user computing capabilities in every technical category for a digital workspace.
  • Delivers a real-time virtual end user computing experience that looks and feels like a local PC.
  • Optimizes professional 3D graphics apps, even over low-bandwidth, high-latency networks.


What are Citrix user experience technologies?

Learn how HDX technologies for optimizing application and desktop delivery.