Digital Workspace Transformation Assessment

How will you transform work and keep business moving forward?

The Citrix Workspace features and services enhance user experience, productivity, and IT's ability to deliver secure, high-performance virtual apps, desktops, and data. Understanding how your organization will benefit from additional features and services that complement current Citrix Virtual Apps or Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops deployments is a critical component in planning a workspace transformation.

Get your free Citrix Workspace assessment & report

Citrix offers free access to SysTrack from Lakeside Software, a unique assessment tool that evaluates the current state and scope of your environment and then reports on how a Citrix Workspace can help improve it.

Your custom Digital Workspace Transformation Report will include:

User experience score, based on latency, system events, virtual machines and network

Operating systems running and how many users are on each to help scope Windows 10 migration

Number of applications in your environment to help understand the scope and complexity of your application portfolio

Cloud storage use so you can identify opportunities for scaling

Security assessment, including how many accounts have expired passwords or passwords older than 90 days

Mobility index as an indicator of the potential for leveraging Citrix Content Collaboration and Citrix Endpoint Management

Sign up for the free SysTrack software. Then, as an administrator, push the SysTrack agent out to the endpoints on your network just as you would distribute a hotfix or patch, with no impact to performance or security for users.

Run SysTrack for 30-60 days and at the end you’ll have a report that shows the value of virtualizing implementing a Citrix Workspace.