Understand Skype for Business usage for your organization 

Skype for Business and Lync are great tools for corporate collaboration. However, managing multiple versions on a variety of endpoints throughout your environment can be cumbersome and introduce security risks.

Get critical insight into Skype for Business usage in your environment. Citrix offers free access to SysTrack from Lakeside Software, a unique assessment tool that reports how many versions of Lync or Skype for Business are installed on employees’ endpoints, how many employees are actively using Skype and how much data is locally cached on the users’ endpoints.

Once armed with this knowledge, you’ll see the opportunities you have to simplify management, reduce helpdesk calls and increase security.

Learn how many versions of Lync and Skype for Business are installed in your environment.  

Find out who is using Lync and Skype for Business and how often.

Understand how much data—from chat logs and file exchanges—are stored unencrypted on user endpoints.

Sign up for the free SysTrack software. Then, as an administrator, push the SysTrack agent out to the endpoints on your network just as you would distribute a hotfix or patch, with no impact to performance or security for users.

Run SysTrack for 30-60 days and at the end you’ll have a report that shows the value of virtualizing Skype for Business.