Get any document, signed in minutes

Send, sign, and receive electronic agreements quickly and efficiently

Elevate the customer experience with an electronic signature solution that catapults your business to reduce costs and save time. Citrix RightSignature gives your business the flexibility to receive signatures securely from any place or device.

Easy to send, easy to sign– from anywhere

Cut out complex agreement processes and simplify electronic signatures with Citrix RightSignature. Whether your document requires a legally binding signature, a hand-drawn signature, or a text signature, just simply fill in the blanks, sign and send. And with the flexibility to send and receive signatures from any place or device, customers can sign without any hassle.

Reduce costs

Save paper and money

With electronic signature, there is less paper waste being used in your organization. Electronic signatures are sent digitally and instantly— requiring no cost on postage, paper, or ink.

Step up security

Bank-level data security

Every Citrix RightSignature document is secured with full audit log, biometric data capture, and 256-bit encryption. Your data is being secured at the same level of data protection and redundancy as an online bank.

Speed up processes

Get files signed faster

Electronic signature requests can be sent quickly and signed in a matter of minutes. With this powerful solution, you can cut your admin time by up to 93%.

Unparalleled authenticity

Ensure legality and compliance

Every document sent includes an audit log, complete with time stamps, identity authentication, and hash algorithm to ensure the record is tamper-proof. Citrix RightSignature also includes built-in regulatory compliance including GDPR and HIPAA.

RightSignature saves our team time and effort. We can generate a link and share [a document] without downloading it or creating email attachments.”

Kiira Alessandra Hjert-Bernardi
Global Senior Manager, Talent Acquisition

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