Simplify lifecycle management of Citrix workloads and enterprise applications

Enable IT organizations to become faster and more agile while delivering reliable and repeatable results with a comprehensive cloud-based lifecycle management solution.

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Accelerate time-to-value for Citrix workloads and enterprise applications

Supporting automated deployment of Citrix workloads and enterprise applications across virtual, private or public cloud environments, Citrix Lifecycle Management enables IT organizations to become faster, more cost-effective and more agile. Simply select your deployment environment, configure the size and scale, then deploy your Citrix workloads and enterprise applications in an automated fashion.

Incorporate validated reference architectures and best practices with Citrix certified blueprints

Deploy Citrix workloads consistently and optimally through automated deployments, standardized best practices and easy to use management tools. Out-of-the-box Citrix certified blueprints for XenDesktop, XenApp, XenMobile, NetScaler and Workspace Suite simplify the design, deployment, management and delivery of Citrix workloads. Customize deployment architectures by editing provided blueprint or creating new ones.

Enhance IT operations management through application-centric monitoring and alerts

Application monitoring dashboards enable administrators to configure the metrics to be monitored, create alerts for these metrics and set thresholds on when the alerts should be issued. Improve availability and performance of Citrix workloads and enterprise applications with redundancy, automatic scaling and disaster recovery with the capability to define a secondary site that will automatically launch upon failure of the primary site.

Automate upgrades of Citrix workloads

The Citrix Lifecycle Management upgrade service helps current Citrix customers assess their XenApp 6.5 environments, provides a checklist to deploy a newer XenApp or XenDeskop 7.6 environment and migrates data to the new environment in an automated fashion. Translate apps and policy configurations from IMA to FMA based architectures, streamlining upgrades to newer XenApp and XenDesktop workloads.

Leverage a single console for lifecycle management of applications across environments

Cloud-based control enables access to the Citrix Lifecycle Management console from anywhere, from any device to design, deploy and manage application services. A low initial investment and flexible pay-as-you-go model allows enterprises to incrementally invest in the product subscription as value is realized. A cloud-based delivery model requires limited on-premises installation of software, allowing painless upgrades as additional functionality is added to the product.

Automate with flexible control

Staying current with the latest software releases helps ensure secure and productive environments, but keeping up with changes manually can be tedious. With the Lifecycle Management Update service, specific software update recommendations are provided based on your unique environment. You can select all or just some components to be updated, and apply them on demand or on a schedule. You retain complete control with a customized degree of automation.

Power when you need it

Deploying to public clouds can get expensive if not managed properly, but powering on and off servers based on usage can help establish predictable costs. With Lifecycle Management Smart Scale, you can turn on or off underlying resources based on load or time (off-peak, on-peak, weekends).  Monitoring capabilities with estimated cost savings are built in, which means infrastructure utilization is optimized and users are never left underpowered, all the while keeping expenses in check.

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