Content delivery network (CDN) and cloud performance by country

Compare the performance of every major CDN and cloud provider, as measured by millions of real users daily

This report provides stack rank comparisons by availability, latency, and throughput performance for a range of service types, including static object delivery, whole site acceleration, transport layer security (TLS) content delivery, and infrastructure as a service (IaaS) compute and storage.

Below you can find measurements taken yesterday over a 24-hour period. These measurements represent a subset of data collected from the top 10% of contributing networks in the selected country. More data is available in our Citrix Intelligent Traffic Management community portal. Learn more

* These platforms don't meet the definition of cloud computing by Gartner. To qualify, they must meet specific criteria. More information is available at the Gartner website.

** The Multi Cloud Optimized and Multi CDN Optimized platforms simulate the optimal performance achieved by using Citrix Intelligent Traffic Management to optimize across more than one platform.

Citrix Intelligent Traffic Management methodology

Citrix Intelligent Traffic Management collects real end-user data to measure the performance and availability of all cloud services, CDNs, and even private data centers. We collect billions of real user measurements each day. This data is analyzed in real time using a JavaScript tag inserted in Citrix Intelligent Traffic Management customer pages. By default, the provided figures represent the median values in milliseconds.