Citrix Hypervisor vs. VMware vSphere

Citrix Hypervisor continues to outmatch its more complex and expensive competitors, offering customers a comprehensive enterprise-level feature set while still providing a low-cost virtualization platform alternative to VMware vSphere. Citrix Hypervisor also leads the industry in 3D graphics support, delivering the only complete solution mobilizing Windows® and Linux® workloads for any use case.

Only Citrix Hypervisor

  • Secures your virtual infrastructure against advanced attacks and zero-day vulnerabilities with Hypervisor Introspection.
  • Reduces operational overhead and downtime with Live Patching, an industry-first capability.
  • Offers choice as the first hypervisor to support all 3 major GPU vendors’ virtualization offerings – NVIDIA Virtual GPU, AMD MxGPU, and Intel GVT-g.

Deep integration with Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops

A strong integration and alignment with Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops ensure you can leverage unique app and desktop performance integrations only available with Citrix Hypervisor. This extended integration provides:

  • Product launch and product lifecycle date alignment, including a Long-Term Service Release (LTSR) with 5 years of mainstream support.
  • Unique capabilities such as PVS-Accelerator and MCS-Accelerator.
  • Entitlement to Citrix Hypervisor Premium for all customers, including customers of Citrix Cloud services.
  • Strong integration with Citrix Director, providing a single pane of glass for day-to-day management and the ability to view a virtual machines console within Citrix Director for easy troubleshooting.

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