Simplify the management of your virtual environment

Let Citrix DaaS (formerly Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops service) help you simplify the management of apps and desktops. Whether you need to configure an environment through a single management console or ensure the health of provisioned resources, this cloud-native service has you covered.

Manage and maintain core components and features in the Citrix cloud console

Utilize with cloud, on-premises or hybrid hosting

Streamline management of connections, apps, users, desktops and more

Web Studio

Easily manage delivery groups, machine catalogs, and tie together multi-site/hybrid cloud deployments into a single management plane with this unified, web-based console.

Configure and manage app and desktop deployment and delivery—whether on-premises, hybrid or public cloud—in one place

Utilize vertical or horizontal machine load balancing to best fit your needs and budget

Enable zone preferences to manage public cloud costs, reduce latency or streamline disaster recovery

Configure role-based access permissions for more secure delegated administration


Optimize costs by automating power management of your Citrix-deployed virtual machines.

Enable cloud burst scenarios, where on-premises resources are utilized first (and when needed) and secondary instances can be used from the cloud

Ensure availability and control costs with schedule-based or load-based power management

Support multi-session and single-session OS delivery groups

Monitor metrics like cost savings and capacity utilization in real time

App and desktop probing

Proactively monitor the health of apps and desktops by testing overall system or site health.

Automate periodic health checks to maintain integrity of your Citrix infrastructure.

Schedule for off-peak hours across multiple geographies

Automatically send failure reports to designated email addresses

Proactively troubleshoot issues related to provisioned desktops, hosting machines or connections before they become problems for your users

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