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How Citrix DaaS solutions improve employee experience

With remote and hybrid work becoming the new normal, businesses of all sizes are adopting desktop as a service (DaaS) to adapt and help optimize their operations.

Benefits of using DaaS to optimize operations include streamlining IT processes and increasing savings on network infrastructure and other hardware costs. Altogether, businesses that deploy DaaS can potentially generate a 153% return on investment (ROI). But of all the positive effects DaaS can have on an organization, the way it can improve on the employee experience often takes a back seat. DaaS employee benefits, however, should not be glossed over, as they can greatly affect employee productivity and engagement.

For example, with cloud-hosted Citrix DaaS (formerly Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops service), remote employees gain a full desktop and app experience without using VPNs, going through a lengthy IT setup process, or installing software. This allows them to immediately access things like corporate windows and web apps, resource-intensive graphics apps, data demanding engineering services, and simple task worker desktops with ease—regardless of where they are working, the quality of their internet connection, or what device they are using. And with Citrix DaaS Standard for Azure, users gain these benefits in record time with a turnkey DaaS offering that is not only simple to set up but also delivers a like-local user experience.

If you’re unfamiliar with how Citrix DaaS solutions can improve the employee experience, this guide is here to help. Below, we will break down the impact of DaaS and the remote work revolution, as well as key employee benefits that come with Citrix DaaS.


DaaS and the remote work revolution


In the last few years, remote and hybrid work has grown more popular than ever before—and it’s no secret that the pandemic has contributed to a permanent change in how and where we work. Many organizations had to quickly adapt to remote work during the height of the pandemic in 2020, leaving IT departments in a bind when they had to deploy emergency capacity across their newly remote or mobile workforces.

Organizations that adopted DaaS early on, however, were able to adjust to this new normal and provide their employees with a streamlined work experience that they still use today. The remote work revolution has spurred huge growth in DaaS adoption for this very reason. According to Gartner, DaaS market revenue grew by 98% in 2020 (compared to 2019), and the growth isn’t stopping anytime soon.

While some offices have opened in 2021, many remain closed—and even more organizations are looking into embracing hybrid work on a more permanent basis. As these trends continue, DaaS is expected to grow in market revenue by 68% in 2021.


Citrix DaaS employee benefits


With Citrix DaaS, your employees gain access to a secure, easy-to-use DaaS platform that improves their work experience. A few key benefits1 of this platform include:

  • 24/7 availability
  • Easy access
  • High-definition HDX technology
  • High-resolution 3D graphics
  • Collaborative technology optimization

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24/7 availability

As flexible work continues to grow, employees are adapting their work schedules. This, combined with the fact that employees could be scattered across multiple time zones, means that they will be working at different times throughout the day. With Citrix, having 24/7 access gives all your employees the flexibility to work when they can. Plus, nothing brings work to a screeching halt like not having access to the data and programs you need. Having the reliability of the cloud will help ensure that employees will not experience disturbing downtime. 

Easy access

Citrix provides remote employees with a digital workspace experience that can be accessed by any device (including Linux and MacOS devices) from their chosen app store or HTML browser. Not only can IT assign apps and desktops to employees, but those employees can also conveniently access their apps from a centralized dashboard. With Citrix, the most an employee must do is install the app or easily access their workspace through a web browser. Employees don’t have to spend hours installing software programs and dealing with technical issues that might be out of their comfort zones.

High-definition HDX technology

Maximizing end-user productivity and satisfaction DaaS or any virtual desktop, requires a high performing user experience on every connection.  Fortunately, Citrix uses HDX (high-definition experience) technology to deliver high-definition quality even when the internet connection is poor, or an employee uses an endpoint device. This ensures a smooth experience for your remote employees as they utilize conferencing, multimedia, or productivity apps.

Collaborative technology optimization

As more remote employees are spread across different parts of the world, the space between them could hinder collaborative efforts. With Citrix DaaS capabilities, employees gain support for unified communications (UC) tools and peripherals like Microsoft Teams, Cisco WebEx, Zoom, and devices through USB support, printer redirection, and multi-monitor displays. This ensures they have access to optimized voice, video, and telephony solutions so that collaboration is seamless across their virtual environment.  

High-resolution 3D graphics

Regardless of how intensive your 3D graphics apps are, Citrix DaaS solutions ensure they remain high resolution for remote workers. IT teams can leverage AMD-based GPU instances to deliver graphically intensive apps to their employees in conjunction with HDX 3D Pro technologies.


Additional benefits of the Citrix DaaS solution

  • Eliminates extra noise: Citrix DaaS can deliver pared-down versions of apps and programs so that employees are only given the necessary tools they need to get their work done, cutting down on the extra noise that could confuse them and complicate their work. 
  • Streamlines workflows: First, the Citrix DaaS solutions are cloud based, which ensures that data and apps are always available to your employees. Second, through Citrix Workspace, disruptive notifications can be severely cut down. 
  • Provides technical support: Issues on end-user devices are largely caused by clunky or demanding software. Citrix DaaS takes away that stress on end-user devices, which mitigates the need for technical support. This also frees up internal IT help desks to act quicker in the relatively rarer cases that the employee does need technical support


Capitalize on DaaS employee benefits with Citrix

Implementing virtual desktops and DaaS could be an intimidating proposition to your employees simply because it’s new to them. However, Citrix DaaS is easy to deploy and can revolutionize the way your employees work—making their jobs much simpler, accessible, and streamlined.

For Autodesk, a global leader in design and make technology, Citrix DaaS Standard for Azure provided them with an easy-to-navigate DaaS solution that their remote employees could embrace on any device, anytime, anywhere, over any network. This allowed them to save time and concentrate on core competencies, which helped them to increase their productivity levels.

Ready to change the employee experience for the better? Get started with Citrix DaaS service today.