Deliver the apps and desktops your users need

Minimize the cost of delivering apps while providing a secure user experience and service continuity with Citrix DaaS (formerly Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops service). Provide users with a full workspace from any device and leave monitoring and upgrades to Citrix, reducing administrative overload.

Manage and control virtual machines, applications and policies

Let Citrix manage the infrastructure, installation, setup, monitoring and upgrades

Ensure users always have the latest features and functionality

Transition to the cloud at your own pace with a hybrid, multi-cloud approach

Fast, flexible app and desktop delivery

Deliver different types of desktop models deployed from on-premises or the cloud and manage everything from a single console.

Provide rapid access to apps and desktops to temporary or seasonal workers

Provide remote PC access so employees can access office PCs (including apps, data and resources) from anywhere

Quick Deploy

Accelerate your move to Citrix DaaS by leveraging our Quick Deploy feature for Microsoft Azure-hosted apps and desktops.

Ideal way to get started with or migrate to Citrix DaaS

Get an easy-to-use interface featuring streamlined configuration options

Provision virtual machines and catalogs to deliver Azure apps and desktops

Deliver remote PC access with a simplified user experience

Citrix Managed Azure capacity

Fast-track your way to the cloud with Citrix Managed Azure capacity, the fastest path to hybrid-cloud benefits. Offload infrastructure management, but retain the flexibility to create and manage workloads.

Put IT in control without the management and maintenance challenges

Get a Citrix-managed Azure subscription to isolate activity from other Azure subscriptions

Scale work solutions affordably with a consumption-based IaaS model

Create connections to your own on-premise networks

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