Transition to Citrix DaaS—and save

Whether you go all-in on your migration to the cloud or leverage existing datacenter investments alongside new cloud deployments, Citrix DaaS (formerly Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops service) provides the hybrid cloud flexibility and cost management you need.  See the benefits, value, and just how much you can save.

See what you’ll gain with Citrix DaaS

Get a personalized estimate to see the full range of hybrid cloud benefits.

*Expected 3 year realized benefits: This year-by-year breakdown shows how much you’ll save within 36 months after implementation. (Tip: Savings typically increase from one year to the next.) 
*Average annual realized benefits: This shows the average amount you can expect to save per year, based on a three-year investment.
*Annual ideal impact: See how much you can save in each area, from reduced operational costs to lower security risks, in instances where Citrix DasS is able to completely resolve your challenges.  
*Total realized impact, 3 years: This is the amount you stand to achieve in each area over the course of three years.