The Business Value of Citrix Virtualized Desktop and Application Solutions on Microsoft Azure

This Citrix Case Study by IDC details how your business can realize benefits of up to $6 million dollars through the combined power of Citrix and Azure

Desktop as a Service (DaaS) and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) are critical to a business’s ability to deliver equal, consistent, and reliable digital access for employees. In this Citrix case study, see how Citrix and Microsoft Azure together can build powerful DaaS and VDI solutions by integrating Citrix virtualized desktop and application solutions with Microsoft Azure, helping customers realize millions of dollars worth of benefits, including higher user productivity, increased revenue, more efficient IT infrastructure, and reduced costs.

Citrix and Microsoft can create more business value for those on the journey to the cloud, more consistent experiences for the hybrid workforce, and deliver quality service no matter the environment. Some of the benefits of this partnership include the following:

  • 535 percent ROI
  • 38 percent lower three-year cost of operations
  • 3x more hybrid users supported