Citrix Cloud transition and trade-up promotions

Through December 31, 2017, take advantage of limited-time Citrix Cloud promotions for customers with current XenApp and XenDesktop perpetual licenses*. These promotions offer a variety of transition and trade-up paths from traditionally licensed products to Citrix Cloud services.

Transition or trade up to XenApp and XenDesktop Service:

  • From XenApp (multiple editions)
  • From XenDesktop (multiple editions)

Transition or trade up to Workspace Service:

  • From XenApp and XenDesktop (multiple editions)
  • From Citrix Workspace Suite
  • From XenMobile (multiple editions)

In addition, you’ll get hybrid product use rights for all your existing solutions for up to 24 months. Continue to receive technical support and version updates to existing deployments while you transition your apps and users to the Citrix Cloud platform.

* The Citrix Cloud transition and trade-up promotions are only available to XenApp/XenDesktop customers with active SWM/SA. Transition and trade-ups are only available to customers with at least 500 U/D or 250 CCU licenses.

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Citrix Cloud transition and trade-up

Migrate from one version of a Citrix traditional perpetual software to a Citrix Cloud service.

Example: Migrating between XenDesktop Platinum and the Citrix Cloud XenApp Service & XenDesktop Service

Example: Migrating from XenDesktop Platinum to the Citrix Cloud Workspace Service

Transition and trade-up hybrid

Start using Citrix Cloud while continuing to use and receive updates and support for your existing traditional perpetual deployments.


  • Available for XenApp and XenDesktop perpetual licenses
  • Allows connection to cloud-managed and traditionally managed resources
  • 500 U/D (250 CCU) seat minimum to qualify
  • Must transition or trade up all active licenses of product edition
  • Hybrid rights expire after 24 months
    • Customers must complete migration within this period
    • Right to and support for traditional Citrix software expires
    • Rights to and support for cloud services continues to until end of three-year term