Master Class Webinar Series

Adaptive Authentication Deep Dive

In the hybrid work era, employees access SaaS, cloud, and private web apps using a mix of personal and corporate devices and networks. That makes their security needs as diverse as their work practices and preferences—and calls for a more flexible approach than traditional “one size fits all” security policies.

Enjoy our July master class session on adaptive authentication and access, a flexible method to adjust user identity verification requirements and authorization levels based on the actual risk present in the user’s current scenario.

We will review how to:

  • Adapt security policies based on real-time factors like location, device, and user behavior
  • Control which apps and desktops users can access
  • Require multi-factor authentication (MFA) selectively
  • Enable Citrix Adaptive Authentication in your environment


James Schulman
Presales Engineer

Steve Beals
Sr. Technical Marketing Architect