Top 5 Requirements Needed For Modern Application Delivery

Applications are the heart and blood of companies today. They drive growth for the business and are essential to not only keeping business up and running but also interacting with customers. Do you feel like your apps are not delivering the performance you want? How secure do you feel your app data is? Do you have the automation to scale your apps when needed?

App delivery techniques and technologies have evolved. Performance, management, and security are just a few of the updated paradigms for the modern app delivery solution. Learn how to elevate the experience your customers, users, and IT staff have using the right application delivery solution. Leave this session with valuable tools such as:

State of the art load balancing

  • Powerful security
  • Flexible cloud-focused licensing
  • Comprehensive visibility
  • Operational consistency with automation 


Robin Manke-Cassidy
Director, Product Marketing

Marissa Schmidt
Sr. Director, Product Management