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June ACE: Autoscaling for Citrix ADC in AWS

Deploying Citrix ADC instances (formerly NetScaler VPX) on Amazon Web Services lets you take advantage of public cloud computing capabilities. Previously, scaling networking capacity to support variable web application traffic required you to add or delete instances and IP addresses – a time-consuming process. The Citrix ADM autoscaling feature for AWS monitors pre-set parameters and automatically scales up or down.

On June 19, you’ll learn more about Citrix ADM and how it optimizes cloud elasticity.  Our presenter, Jay Chandrasekar, will discuss:

  • Citrix ADM and its architecture
  • Configuring parameters for autoscaling
  • Benefits including cost control, high app availability and automated management
  • Leading practices for running Citrix ADC on AWS

After the brief presentation, we’ll open the lines for the remainder of the hour for live Q&A.  Get on-the-spot answers to your top autoscaling questions from our panel of experts.

Citrix Presenter

  • Jay Chandrasekar, Senior Architect

Citrix Panelists

  • David Amely, Sales Engineer
  • Hariharan Subramanian, Product Manager
  • Dave Potter, Senior Solutions Architect

Ask the Cloud Experts (ACE) monthly meetup
Our Ask the Cloud Experts (ACE) meetup is a twist on our traditional webinar series that maximizes time for your questions, live! After a short presentation by a subject matter expert on a popular cloud topic, we open up the discussion to real-time Q&A by a panel of engineers, architects, and other technical gurus.

Customer Success Services
Citrix Customer Success Management provides the tools, resources, project guidance, and support you need to maximize the value of your investment in Citrix Cloud services. Our experts, including Cloud Success Managers, help you plan, implement, and expand your cloud workspace. The ACE meetup series is part of our efforts to increase your cloud knowledge and enable your success. 

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