Subscriber-centric analytics for mobile operators

Gain a comprehensive understanding of mobile data usage to gain actionable marketing intelligence, provide superior customer care and increase revenue.

Monetize data with third parties

  • Publishers and brands can track performance versus competitors, benchmarking their mobile presence by device, location and demographic
  • Device manufacturers can access device-specific usage and experience data analytics to address performance and usability issues
  • Advertisers can precisely measure the effectiveness of mobile campaigns

Gain actionable marketing intelligence

  • A 360º view of data and location usage across the mobile network provides actionable intelligence derived from network usage and CRM data
  • An intuitive UI and tens of thousands of report templates provide immediate, on-target metrics to share with advertising, product, pricing and device teams
  • Fine-grained segmentation and pricing models help improve service uptake and develop new offers
  • Pre-defined scorecard reports provide quick snapshots of the week’s gainers and losers in app usage, web traffic, promotions and more

Provide superior customer care

  • Customer care representatives can help subscribers who are unhappy with their bill to better understand how they used their data
  • Operators can provide data usage information directly to customers, empowering them to manage their own data plans
  • Operators can identify applications that might cause a poor experience, enabling customer care teams to proactively address issues

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Citrix is addressing a gap in the market for an analytics solution that can be quickly deployed to collect and correlate usage data for any non-technical stakeholder in the organization to use.
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