Setup Citrix Analytics on Citrix Workpsace

Citrix Analytics collects data across network traffic, users, files and endpoints throughout your Citrix Workspace. These actionable insights enable you to proactively handle user security threats, improve application performance and optimize operations.

Setting up Citrix Analytics can be accomplished with a few easy steps.

  • Step 1 – Getting started and connecting your data sources
    See how to enable your data sources to allow Citrix Analytics to receive data from your services.
  • Step 2 – Checking data flow
    See how you can verify if data is flowing into Citrix Analytics.
  • Step 3 – Running a query
    Learn how to use the search function in Citrix Analytics.
  • Step 4 - Create a policy
    Enable policies and actions in Citrix Analytics. Actions will help you respond to suspicious events and prevent future irregular events from occurring.

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