Getting started with Citrix Analytics  

Citrix Analytics collects data across network traffic, users, files and endpoints throughout your Citrix Workspace. These actionable insights enable you to proactively handle user security threats, improve application performance and optimize operations.

Setting up Analytics can be accomplished with 5 easy steps. Come back each week as we walk you through how to get started.

  • Step 1 – Connect your data
    See how to enable your data sources to allow Citrix Analytics to receive data from your services.
  • Step 2 – Using search and filter
    Learn how the Search function in Citrix Analytics allows you to build queries and filter through the raw data that is coming into your system.
  • Step 3 – Understanding user profiles
    Find out how to access all the data that Citrix Analytics is collecting from your services and then routing to your user profile.
  • Step 4 – How to use risk indicators
    This demo will show you a user who has several risk indicators and how Citrix Analytics enables you to decide which indicators require immediate action.
  • Step 5 – Creating policies and actions
    Learn how to enable policies and actions in Citrix Analytics. Actions help you respond to suspicious events and prevent future irregular events from occurring.

Next step

Get your Citrix Analytics service up and running.