Turn any device into a powerful business tool

Build your ideal set of productivity apps with advanced mobile security

It sounds simple on the surface, but rolling out the ideal stack of productivity apps can be a huge challenge. For starters, there’s the problem of productivity: Only 6 in 10 employees are satisfied with the mobile options available to them.1 Focus only on functionality, however, and you risk overlooking critical security features. With 64% of data breaches occurring on endpoints,2 IT needs full visibility and options for protecting corporate data. With the right set of productivity apps, you’ll provide a better experience for employees and greater control for IT.

Apps built to enhance your business

With the biggest bulk of work occurring on web and email—the typical employee spends 2.6 hours a day on the latter alone3 —these are the apps you most need to get right. That’s why businesses rely on Citrix Endpoint Management. Each deployment comes with a set of secure apps built to enhance daily work and keep data breaches at bay.

Citrix Secure Mail gives employees fast, uncomplicated access to email while encrypting data at rest and empowering IT to remote wipe in the event of loss or theft. With Citrix Secure Web, a secure browser keeps work activities separate from personal searches so you won’t have to worry about who’s accessing what.

Get more from Office 365

Does your workforce depend heavily on Microsoft Word, Excel, Exchange and PowerPoint? With Citrix Endpoint Management, you can provide seamless access to these and other popular Microsoft Office 365 apps when employees are on-the-go—and add an extra layer of protection, too. The powerful pack of security features included with unified endpoint management means you can provide a better experience for employees while taking extra steps to keep sensitive information safe. IT can protect files as they’re downloaded to devices, detect high-risk activities, revoke privileges as needed and more. 

Future-proof your workspace experience

When using Citrix Endpoint Management as part of Citrix Workspace, the productivity opportunities are virtually limitless. You can provide secure file sharing and syncing, offer easy mobile editing and maintain a seamless experience across devices with single sign-on access—to name just a few of the countless advantages. You can even turn personal devices into business tools without worrying about employee privacy or corporate security. It's the quickest, most effective way to provide the workspace experience your employees crave and the endpoint security your IT administrators need.

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