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August ACE: Authentication options for Citrix Cloud platform

Security remains top of mind for organizations that have adopted cloud services. Multi-factor authentication adds an extra layer of security to standard Active Directory.

Citrix continues to add new authentication options for Citrix cloud services to help you strengthen protections against unauthorized access and data breaches.

Watch the August monthly ACE meetup on demand where Thamara Trejos reviewed several multi-factor authentication technologies for Citrix Cloud platform that allow you to leverage identity providers (IdPs) you may already be invested in.

  • On-premises Citrix Gateway as your IdP, currently in tech preview, which communicates with Citrix Cloud platform based on the gateway’s OAuth IdP policy configuration.
  • Okta as your IdP through an integration between Citrix Cloud platform and the Okta Identity Cloud (announced at Synergy 2019).
  • Cloud-enabled Federated Authentication Service, also announced at Synergy, which provides VDAs with virtual smart card certificates to secure single sign-on (SSO).
  • Microsoft Azure Active Directory, which can be connected to Citrix Cloud platform using an included app, enables you to configure multi-factor authentication.

Citrix Presenter

  • Thamara Trejos, Cloud Success Engineer

Citrix Panelists

  • Vic DiMascio, Solutions Architect
  • Moloy Tandon, Principal Escalation Engineer
  • Oscar Day, Product Manager

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