Compare Citrix ADC to F5+NGINX

The simplest and most flexible application delivery solution for multi-cloud

Only one solution gives you the flexibility and consistency to deliver applications in any environment. Discover how the software-first Citrix ADC portfolio is built on a single code base to enable faster deployment, operational consistency, and innovation velocity.

How we’re different

Citrix ADC is the only application delivery solution that accelerates your journey to multi-cloud by providing operational and features consistency, flexible licensing, and actionable insights through a single pane of glass.

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Compare Citrix ADC to F5+NGINX

Citrix F5+NGINX
Single code base
Operational consistency across multi-cloud

No (4)
Single management platform
Centralized management through a single pane of glass

No (3)
Holistic visibility and analytics across multi-cloud
Application and infrastructure insights and analytics

License portability
Flexible pooled-capacity licensing across all form factors
All form factors Virtual only
Consistent security
Consistent application and API security policies and posture across any environment with best-in-class SSL performance

Architecture flexibility for microservices
Out-of-the-box integration with Kubernetes platforms and open source tools


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What our customers are saying

Citrix ADC proved ideally suited to a business in our situation. Our traffic volumes are increasing and applications becoming more complex. Citrix ADC offers performance and scale.

Esat Yaşar Çağlayan
IT Network & Security Manager

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