The rise of dark AI

Machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) are powerful allies for the world of information security and its adversaries. The future is adaptive security.

The dark side of ML and AI

As the world of information security is becoming more complex, every week brings new announcements and promises in the shape of ML and AI research. These new techniques might be to our advantage today, but could soon turn into an even more powerful ally for adversaries.

Intelligent attacks are on the horizon

Surely, it’s only a question of time before we will see the rise of intelligent attacks – whether it be smart-phishing, self-sustained hivenets or swarmbots, or polymorphic malware that will be continually evolving during the attack. Think that the digital underground is not capable of producing the advanced algorithms required by Dark AI? Think again. Today, there are thousands of marketplaces filled with specialized third-party and open-source modules and components littered across the Dark Web.

Adaptive security is the future of the digital battlefield

With the threat of modularized and intelligent malware and ransomware attacks, it’s time to rip apart your static security playbook and implement an adaptive layer of combined security tools. Orchestration, automation, and the ability to protect all resources using adaptive security tools are going to be the future of the digital battlefield.

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