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Citrix Digital Workspace Solutions Citrix Digital Workspace Solutions

Reimagined Reimagined
technology to technology to
future proof future proof
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Support business and the workforce Support business and the workforce
with a digital workspace. with a digital workspace.

Complexity has met its match

Whatever the landscape, be ready with a digital workspace solution.

Looking for an easier way to simplify IT infrastructure? Citrix digital workspace solutions provide an efficient way to unify and deliver apps and data, secure networks, and optimize performance using analytics. They reduce security threats across all devices and collaboration tools as well as simplifying legacy system management. Ease your path to the cloud by streamlining IT services, and give the workforce easy access to the tools they need to work their way.

71% of survey respondents are unable to control employees’ devices and applications. And a full 83% said the complexity of business and IT operations leaves them vulnerable.

Source: Tim Minahan, Will $1 trillion in cybersecurity spending be undone by complexity?

Cloud Transformation

Flexibility, meet scalability

Transform your path to the cloud.

Flexible hybrid management

Stay competitive with digital strategies that get the most out of your legacy systems, while having the confidence to adopt new innovations to scale in hybrid and multi-cloud worlds.

Cloud investments are being made to bring greater flexibility to enterprises and their ability to react to changing market conditions, further enabling digital business models.

Source: Louis Columbus, State of Enterprise Computing

Context-Aware Security

Reduce Risk

Not productivity.

User-Based Analytics

Reduce risk by focusing on users with effective context-aware security policies, machine learning, and artificial intelligence without limiting their productivity.

Over half (52%) of organizations expect their security budgets to increase, which is up from 42% in 2017.

Source: IDG, 2018 Security Priorities Study

Cloud-Native Networking

Instant access to what matters

Anywhere you are.

Application portability

Delivers a consistent framework to access and manage the network and traffic, regardless where applications are running in a full hybrid, multi-cloud environment.

Primary benefits of mobility include improved business processes and improved productivity, cited by 53% of respondents.

Source: CITO Research, 2016 Executive Enterprise Mobility Report

Employee Experience

Complex workforce

Easy to manage.

Fluid work experience

Your workforce is more focused, engaged, and productive with intuitive, easy access to the tools they need to work on any device, anywhere, and on any network.

3 in 10 US employees strongly agree they have the materials and equipment they need to do their work right. By moving that ratio to six in 10 employees, organizations could realize an 11% increase in profitability.

Source: Ryan Pendell, Employee Experience vs. Engagement: What’s the difference?

Centralized Visibility

Unlimited Visibility

Improved stability.

Centralized management and monitoring

Improved visibility and control for apps and data across platforms and devices.

Companies have an average of around 500 apps.

Source: Kasey Panetta, 2018 CEO Survey

Streamline IT Operations

Better performance, contextually aware security, and increased workforce productivity.

With a Citrix digital workspace, it’s possible.


Learn how a digital workspace fuels productivity, collaboration, and workforce engagement to support a flexible work experience.

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Learn how our networking gives IT visibility and control needed to support the work experience the workforce demands.

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Learn how our analytics delivers intelligence with machine learning for proactive security and better app performance.

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400,000 companies are changing how work is done

99% of Fortune 500 companies and 98% of Fortune 1000 companies are using Citrix to boost employee productivity and engagement by supporting their flexible work styles.

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