Ransomware kit: Four ways to protect data now

As the threat of ransomware and other forms on malware continues to grow, organizations need to prevent breaches and to ensure that data remains available in the event that an attack does occur.

Learn 4 ways to kidnap-proof your data:

  • Shield users of web apps from infection and keep sensitive data off the endpoint by publishing virtualized, sandboxed and hardened browsers
  • Prevent email-borne ransomware from compromising the endpoint by publishing a virtualized, sandboxed and hardened email client
  • Protect mobile devices from ransomware and other malware with containerization, encryption, blacklists and whitelists, and device compliance checks
  • Ensure the rapid recovery of ransomware-encrypted data with a secure and robust enterprise file sync and sharing service

Ransomware and other forms of malware are one of the most serious security threats organizations face today. Are you prepared to respond?  

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