Employee experience & work-life integration

How-tos, tips, and tricks to help you build a successful remote work and team culture

The brainstorm is broken: How to improve your company’s idea culture

As employees and managers adapt to a distributed working model, it’s critical for leadership to promote a culture of ideas.

How to create a truly stellar workplace experience

We talked to five industry leaders to learn helpful tips and insights on creating the ideal workplace experience.

How to successfully onboard employees in a work-at-home world

Drawing on expertise from both inside and outside of Citrix, we’ve outlined best practices to consider to get companies on proactive footing as they create digital onboarding processes for remote workers.

Stories from the remote office frontier

Explore why flexibility is essential for happy remote work, the role of technology in remote work culture, and how employers will focus more on wellbeing for all employees in and outside their office space.

Inspiring innovation in times of disruption

As leaders in our organizations, we need to emphasize that working from home doesn’t mean working alone—and that we can still innovate to accomplish meaningful work together. Learn how leaders and managers can find new ways to engage, collaborate, and inspire innovation with their dispersed workforce.

Business Readiness – The Key to Surviving and Thriving in Uncertain Times

With more than 14,000 students unable to travel to Australia from China due to imposed travel bans, The University of Sydney turned to Citrix for help.

Employee Experience Virtual Summit Keynote

Industry thought leaders Dion Hinchcliffe (Constellation Research), and Amy Haworth (Citrix HR) offer their unique perspectives on the trends shaping organizational futures and how user experience is a critical component for driving results.

Interview with theCUBE: The New Remote Workplace

Donna Kimmel (Citrix EVP and Chief People Officer) and Meerah Rajavel (Citrix CIO) join David Vellante (co-founder and host of theCUBE) for a discussion about adapting to the new remote workplace on this edition of Remote Works.

How technology is strengthening today’s remote workforce

The right workspace technology helps create an experience for remote workers to be more engaged, productive, and demonstrate collective organizational resiliency.

Focusing on employee experience: The innovation that will guide your organization through tumultuous times

What does focusing on employee experience mean during a crisis? Everything. The payoff is the innovation that will pull your organization through tumultuous times.

Remote work best practices: Stay connected, productive, and engaged when working from home

Our new normal is requiring many of us to adjust quickly to remote work. Check out best practices we’ve recommended to employees, as well as tips and tricks.

Remote work 101: Tips and tricks for successful remote work

Citrix’s Martin Zugec is a big believer in remote work. Check out the lessons he’s learned (and what works for him) after more than 12 years of working from home.

Quartz Insights and Citrix Research: Priming a new era of digital wellness

A working guide to supporting workplace productivity, innovation, and engagement through tech.