Ensuring a great employee experience with better productivity and engagement.

Today’s IT teams demand experience, security, and choice

Organizations are under tremendous pressure to deliver the superior work experience employees demand. IT teams need powerful security to stay ahead of rising threats. At the same time, the latest generation of digital workspace technologies offers a choice of new ways forward -- exciting possibilities for employees and businesses alike.

Customers who visit Citrix Executive Briefings around the world always mention delivering a great employee experience is a top priority. This far into the Digital Age, there’s just no excuse for old-fashioned tools. When employees are in the process of vetting a new workplace, they’ll quickly disqualify any company where outdated technologies stand in their way. Not only will high-performing employees look for a great employee experience, but also, they want to have choices for the way they work. In fact, ServiceNow has found that 44 percent of employees want their enterprise work apps to perform more like consumer apps.

Other Citrix partners have been hearing the same thing. Håkan Andersson, CEO and co-owner of partner AceIQ (@AceIQSweden) in Sweden, agrees: “I really think it’s important to make life easier for employees by providing a really good user experience, which also helps when it comes to attracting top talent.” Chad Price, technical architect at Chicago-based partner Burwood Group (@burwoodgroup), sees the intelligent workspace as a critical capability for meeting this demand. “The intelligent workspace makes it possible to provide the kind of experience expected by the millennials coming into the workforce.”

Intelligent capabilities make it easier for employees to get work done

In the digital era, engagement and productivity are inextricably tied to the employee experience.

Research shows that employees spend 20 percent of their time searching for information, and that shifting between tasks can cost as much as 40 percent of someone’s productive time. Partners and customers alike see Citrix Workspace with intelligent capabilities as having great potential. Intelligent capabilities attract and empower employees and enable them to be more engaged and inspired. As a result, they will be more likely to stay for the long term.

Launching later this year, Citrix Workspace with intelligent capabilities goes beyond organizing apps and data to guide and ultimately automate work. Employees will get simple notifications that guide them to access the right information and actions at the right time. IT will be able to deliver virtualization, SaaS apps, mobile apps, distributed file sync, and an intelligent feed through a single UI designed for the ways today’s users like to work.

“Citrix Workspace with intelligent capabilities will even make it possible for small businesses to cost-effectively provide employees with a platform to quickly get their work done and contribute back to the business,” says Matthew Metelsky (@telsky), CEO at Toronto-based partner Third Octet (@thirdoctet). Greg Tully, CIO at customer Bayshore HealthCare, sees Citrix Workspace with intelligent capabilities as a foundational part of his organization’s workforce strategy moving forward. “In healthcare, there’s a lot of turnover. It’s a very competitive market, and resources are in high demand,” he explains. “We’ve made it a priority to improve the employee experience from onboarding all the way through day-to-day work. The intelligent workspace will fit well into that roadmap.”

Employee experience gets a transformative boost from microapps

Microapps play a key role in employee experience by helping people get things done more easily and efficiently.

Users will be able to view information and perform actions without having to fully launch an app or switch screens. This helps streamline routine tasks for frequently performed actions. After all, for most business applications, employees use just a few key functions—making a full launch seem like overkill.

“Citrix Workspace with intelligent capabilities and microapps is something that’s really, really important for making use of every user’s time,” says Andersson. Pete Downing (@techdudeinc), chief marketing and technology officer for partner XenTegra (@xentegra) in Huntersville, N.C. agrees, saying, “With microapps, Citrix Workspace intelligence lets users stay productive in their workspace.”

Alleviating IT complexity and keeping ahead of security risks

Security also continues to command ever-increasing levels of attention and investment.

Surveys say that by 2021, security teams in the private sector alone will spend over a trillion dollars on digital security capabilities. Downing says, “There’s a whole notion around keeping the user secure and also allowing them to do their job, but in a productive manner.” The rise of cloud and SaaS makes this more challenging, observes Metelsky. “Now that you have this fragmentation, how do we enforce security via our usual types of policies across third-party, traditional on-premises applications, Citrix-delivered applications, and party-hosted applications?”

Metelsky’s observation brings up a great case for the manner in which Citrix solutions address security. Citrix has shifted the focus of security in its offerings from a traditional attack-centric defense — defending against a whole set of unknowns — to a people-centric approach to security in which knowledge of the user and what that user should be doing becomes a key indicator of potentially malicious activity.

“The Citrix Workspace with intelligent capabilities represents an interesting security play from Citrix,” says Ronnie Altit (@raltit), CEO of Australian partner Insentra (@insentra). “It’s certainly going to drive conversations about how you can automate and make things more effective. Citrix has been doing that for a long time, and doing a good job of it; now we’re seeing the next generation.” Metelsky sees Citrix Workspace with intelligent capabilities as an ideal fit for evolving IT infrastructure. “Citrix is providing that amalgamation point where you can apply security in the same manner, regardless of where that application, or that data, exists.”

Alex Russell (@smartaxess), managing director of technology solutions at EOH (@EOHTech), a Citrix partner in Johannesburg, South Africa says, “We’re working to help customers understand the building blocks of the cloud ecosystem, and how best to transform their existing end user computing solutions into a more agile, adaptive workspace.” Russell sums up a common consensus of many partners: “Citrix Workspace with intelligent capabilities is a game-changer in the vision of where Citrix’s technology can take a customer’s people and business. It will let organizations optimize the way user services are consumed and delivered, and it’s the type of thing employees are going to require moving forward.”

Find out for yourself why the Citrix community is so excited about Citrix Workspace with intelligent capabilities. See all the latest developments in our Citrix Workspace announcements blog and Citrix Workspace with intelligence blog, and view our latest Citrix Workspace video, Maximizing employee experience with Citrix Workspace. Let us know what you think!

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