Deliver a new level of business agility and generate revenue with SD-WAN as a service

As enterprises with geographically dispersed locations continue to migrate applications to the cloud, new branch locations are just outside the traditional leased-line service footprints. Meet the need for high-quality WAN service by becoming a specialized Citrix SD-WAN Managed Service Provider.

Benefits of being a Citrix SD-WAN Managed Service Provider

Stand out to customers as a partner certified by Citrix to deliver SD-WAN as a managed service.

Use a multi-tenant management cloud service, to simplify network deployment and deliver agile SD-WAN services to your customers.

Offer flexible procurement options to your customers that aligns to their CapEx and OpEx budgetary and growth needs.

Offer our leading SD-WAN platform chosen by Microsoft as the preferred on-ramp to Azure and Office365.

Jointly sell and market with Citrix to accelerate sales and receive training for your technical and sales staff.

Why customers turn to a SD-WAN Managed Service Provider

Looking to reduce risk, infrastructure overspend and security blind-spots by leveraging expert experience, resources and training.

Need help with new site rollouts and migration to the cloud.

Allows customers to focus on their core business by outsourcing capital-intensive operations.

About Citrix SD-WAN Orchestrator

Citrix SD-WAN Orchestrator is a Citrix cloud service which allows partners to manage multiple Citrix SD-WAN customers from a single pane of glass and offer flexible role-based access controls at the provider and tenant level. As a Citrix SD-WAN Managed Service Provider, you can easily onboard new customers remotely and securely without the burden of figuring out common access issues, software installations, upgrades, and storage.

Your customers are enabled to consume SD-WAN as a service and also get access to intuitive dashboards and reports that allow them to partner with you to track their network health and service performance.

As a Citrix certified partner, we are excited and we welcome the SD-WAN solution that leverages the power of Citrix cloud services. Citrix SD-WAN has gained a reputation as a solid all-round performer that is key in generating repeat businesses for us. This new program is clearly focused on mutual benefits for our customers and for on us as a managed service provider.

Kevin Rainey
Vice President, Consulting Services
Burwood Group

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