Grow the sales and profits of your training business

Equip your customers with the tools and training they need to unlock the full potential of their Citrix solutions. Help reduce support calls and troubleshooting by delivering access to in-depth product knowledge through eLearning, classroom training, and certification programs.

Benefits of being a Citrix Authorized Learning Center partner

Increase revenue from selling and hosting Citrix training to a large Citrix customer base.

Leverage highly qualified Citrix Certified Instructors (CCIs) and robust Citrix authorized courseware and software.

Take advantage of classroom setup guides, licenses, and delivery guides.

Expand your revenue opportunities


97% of customers would take another Citrix training course, if given the opportunity.

TVID: E16-1EC-A46

Citrix helps you build your business

Post class schedules on the Citrix Education website.

Get sales support from the Citrix Education sales team.

Utilize education product information, advertising templates, and marketing campaigns tools.

Iverson Associates is proud to have won the 2018 CALC of the Year Award for Asia. We have been a CALC for more than 15 years, helping Citrix customers to maximize their return of investment on Citrix solutions. Our Citrix classes have been rated highly consistently by our customers with very high NPS. With the support of the Citrix Education Manager, we have been able to provide high quality training services to Citrix’s large customer base.

Dr. Yap Chee Sing
Managing Director
Iverson Associates Sdn Bhd

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