Journey to the cloud at your pace

Modernize your IT infrastructure—and make the most of every investment

Today’s organizations understand that a successful cloud strategy is imperative to staying competitive. Shifting on-premises deployments to the cloud lets you simplify operations, offload management and reduce time spent on upgrades and patches. But transitioning to your ideal IT deployment takes time and requires careful planning to ensure you make the most of existing investments. You need to move to the cloud at the pace that's right for your business. No matter where you are in your digital transformation journey.

Jumpstart your business transformation

With Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops service, you decide what deployment works best for your changing business needs. Deploy as a cloud service, on-premises solution or hybrid mix of the two. Whether you need to keep business-critical apps in the datacenter or gradually move to multiple clouds, the choice is yours. Scalable hybrid-cloud deployments let you leverage a range of cloud providers including Amazon (AWS), Google Cloud or Microsoft with Azure Virtual Desktop so you can quickly expand to support thousands of users. And when a hands-off solution most closely matches your needs, pay-as-you-go desktop as a service (DaaS) options make it easy to roll out new cloud desktops any time the need arises.

Improve the employee experience 

No matter where, when or how they work, your employees need an environment where innovation and creativity can thrive. That’s why every edition of Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops service comes with high-definition HDX technology—to ensure graphics remain pixel-perfect and voice and video stay crystal clear. When delivered as a cloud service, continuous updates also ensure your employees are always experiencing the most recent features and enhancements. Whether you’re onboarding seasonal staff and contractors or supporting full-time employees to work from anywhere, users get the same great experience seamlessly from any device.

Ensure business continuity 

When power outages, pandemics and other unanticipated disruptions occur, you need to make sure employees can continue business as usual. With Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops service, IT manages everything from a single cloud console. New environments can be deployed, additional hosting regions brought online, and usiness ontinuity strategies enacted from anywhere. With Citrix’s commitment to flexible work, you can rest assured employees will be able to access to all the tools they need to remain productive from anywhere, while IT deploys a secure solutionprotect corporate data. Add in Citrix Analytics for Security and Citrix Analytics for Performance, and you can easily stay ahead of potential external threats and performance issues, too.

Reduce capital expenses

When capacity needs change due to big shifts—such as mergers and acquisitions or increases in remote work—fast time-to-value is key. Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops service provides the flexibility you need to support these and other scenarios, while reducing capital expenses. You can leverage Citrix Autoscale to dynamically increase or decrease capacity based on user needs, Workspace Environment Management (WEM) to increase user density and performance, and DaaS capabilities to deploy desktops on demand. And with Citrix Cloud services, IT can be free to focus on higher-value business initiatives, too.

Increase security

Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops doesn’t just give employees a unified experience across devices and locations; it also empowers IT to meet the needs of a flexible workforce while maintaining security and compliance. A full cloud-delivered security stack ensures reliable, secure access to SaaS applications, while built-in granular policy controls, centralized data and session recording capabilities offer superior security from day one. With an advanced set of security policies to meet stringent compliance and regulatory controls, you’ll have all the tools you need to keep sensitive data protected.

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