Simplify the transition to hybrid, multi-cloud infrastructure

The need for agility and lower capital expenditure, along with a shift in consumption economics, is driving the transition to hybrid, multi-cloud infrastructure. But every business’ journey to modern infrastructure and applications is unique. When building a hybrid, multi-cloud app delivery strategy, you need to deliver the best application experience across any network or cloud while keeping apps and APIs secure. You must also achieve automation and visibility across environments and both traditional and cloud native applications, without being locked in to a single cloud provider.

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Citrix ADC helps customers transition to hybrid, multi-cloud at the pace of their business with flexibility and operational consistency, without being locked in to any single cloud provider.

Citrix offers the most comprehensive, feature-rich, software-centric ADC portfolio in physical, virtual, container, and multi-tenant form factors. It is deployable on-premises and across all cloud types, whether public, private, or a hybrid. Citrix ADC is available on all three major public clouds: Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. The single code base across the entire Citrix ADC portfolio means operational consistency across deployments.

Citrix pooled capacity licensing enables flexibility to move capacity among ADC instances in hybrid, multi-cloud environments. This offers better utilization of your licensed capacity and license management.

Today, enterprises differentiate themselves increasingly on the user experience they provide—and most of that entails providing the best application experience possible. Citrix enables this high-quality application experience with Citrix ADC for both traditional and cloud-native applications, regardless of where they are hosted.

Citrix ADC also offers a wide array of innovative optimizations for faster application response, like HTTP/2 and TCP multiplexing, static and dynamic web content caching, optimization of images for end devices, TCP and HTTP protocol acceleration and TCP optimization for mobile networks. Auto-scaling in public and private clouds helps you to manage seasonal and otherwise unforeseen elastic demand. 

Having applications on premises and across many clouds means you need to juggle multiple monitoring tools. This can be inefficient, costly, and painful when deploying new apps, troubleshooting user issues, or getting insights and visibility into your deployments.

Citrix Application Delivery Management is a centralized network management, orchestration, and analytics solution. It offers a single pane of glass to manage your Citrix ADC deployments across your hybrid, multi-cloud environments as you deliver both traditional and cloud-native applications. You can manage all of your ADC form factors across on-premises, public, and private cloud deployments. It also helps you simplify your pooled capacity licensing and SSL certificate management.

Citrix Application Delivery Management is available for deployment on premises, in a container, or as a Citrix Cloud service. It is also integrated with VMware, Cisco ACI, OpenStack, and Kubernetes.

Applications and APIs are among your organization’s most valuable and most vulnerable assets. Citrix ADC integrated Layer 3 to Layer 7 security protects both your traditional and cloud-native applications. Web application firewall, DDoS protection, TLS/SSL, content inspection, and rate limiting combine to ensure your applications and APIs are safe and secure. Consistent security across hybrid multi cloud infrastructure makes deployment and management much simpler and more efficient.

citrix web application firewall also offers the best in-class price to performance ratio. You can offload SSL processing from your firewalls, IDS, and anti-virus platforms to Citrix ADC to make your infrastructure security platforms perform better and at a lower cost.

Citrix products

Citrix ADC

  • Deliver the best user experience for any application, regardless of where it’s hosted.
  • Software-centric and flexible for deployment in a variety of form factors and clouds.
  • Integrated, comprehensive L3 – L7 application and API security.

Citrix Application Delivery Management

  • Automate application delivery services across hybrid, multi-cloud deployments.
  • Application-centric visibility and analytics for applications deployed in any cloud.
  • Manage your SSL certificates and pooled capacity licensing.

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