Technology that works for you

Adopt technology that expands what’s possible, not just what's practical.

Technology decisions should be based on your needs, not on your vendor contracts. Partnering with Citrix gets more out of the technology you have and allows you to reimagine a tech stack that flexes as your needs evolve. Where the business goes, tech must follow (and never be a drag)—discover how this is an easy promise to keep.

Choice—of tools, of partners, of technology—is what unlocks business growth. Learn how you can:

01 Choose technology with the power to flex

02 Scale at your own pace

03 Be ready to adapt

04 Keep the expertise steady

05 Explore Workspace solutions

01 Control

Choose technology with the power of flex

IT needs the flexibility to adapt and optimize as business needs change—getting locked into a second-best option won’t cut it. Citrix empowers you to work with the technology providers right for your business, helping you avoid third-party vendor lock-in, integrating tech investments and reducing limitations that get in the way.

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...Businesses [have] an opportunity to redefine themselves, promote flexible workstyles, and emphasize skills-based hiring. Leaders can make bold choices that support a great employee experience and productivity, without compromising security or performance.

Adi Trivedi
Principal Sales Engineer

02 Scale

Scale at your own pace

If the shift to the cloud has been bumpy, try the Citrix way. With Citrix you can scale your business—using hybrid or multi-cloud models—to meet new needs, and explore services that simplify and accelerate digital transformation.

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Conquer the cloud 

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Learn how the State of Illinois managed to transition to a fully remote workforce in a matter of days.

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Thanks to Citrix...we enacted a twentyfold increase in accommodating remote workers. In addition, we were able to immediately support an urgent public safety directive from the Governor of Illinois.

Ron Guerrier
CIO and Secretary of Innovation & Technology
State of Illinois

03 Adapt

Be ready to adapt

Don’t let change be the enemy of productivity. When the unexpected happens, quickly deploy new tools and technologies that enable your employees to stay focused and keep your business moving forward.

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Getting everyone back to the office is not an efficient use of time or space, and I expect to see more people working remotely, especially in certain sectors...more people looking for flexible work opportunities, too.

Gerard Lavin
Product Strategist, EMEA

04 Optimize

Keep the experience steady

Your tech should always be working seamlessly—when an app freezes, your company’s next big initiative does too. Optimize performance over any device, application, network or cloud without sticking with vendors or service contracts that no longer make sense for your business.

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Develop a better way of working with Citrix Workspace 

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How the University of Sydney pivoted to cloud-based courses in a single week.

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Citrix Summit Series

Throughout October, Citrix is convening top experts for talks and panel discussions about how we can all power a smarter, more flexible way of working. Join us for these immersive events—we’re bringing the conference experience directly to you:

Cloud: Realizing the full potential of your cloud strategy
October 8, 2020

Workspace: Building the next wave of transformative digital workspaces
October 22, 2020

Security: Explore the future of creating safe digital environments
October 29, 2020

Explore Workspace solutions

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