What is the Citrix App Challenge?

It's an opportunity for you to show the Citrix Developer community your innovation.   The Citrix App Challenge is a global developer challenge giving you the opportunity to compete against other developers around the world to develop innovative new solutions that use Citrix APIs and Services to enhance today's mobile workforce experience.

Start with the Citrix App Challenge site for all the basics you need to enter the challenge, but bookmark this page as well for real-time updates on even more information that you will find useful while creating your solution.

Make sure you use the Register for a Citrix Account button below to get full access to all the resources you need start innovating.

You can also follow @CitrixDeveloper for notifications of the latest updates.

Useful links:

Citrix Developer home page: This can be your starting page to find most of the resources you need to start your project.

@citrixdeveloper - follow us on twitter for the latest Challenge tweets and other useful Citrix Developer updates.

Exchange Forums: Have questions for the community or the Citrix technical team on use of the SDKs.  Want to share information with the community to get help with vetting an idea?  The Citrix Developer 

Exchange Forums have forum for each of our APIs and SDKs use to collaborate with the community

Citrix Developer Extension for Visual Studio 2013 - Quick start videos and examples on YouTube (more comming soon) Citrix Ready Exchange Marketplace: Want to take your solution to market?  See how the Citrix Ready can help.

Other Citrix Downloads: Citrix's main download site for other resources.

Citrix on GitHub: Other bits of goodness hosted on GitHub.

Citrix Developer YouTube Channel: Great starting point, videos from some of our PMs and key community members on use of Citrix APIs and SDKs.  Hope to see your video there sometime soon!

Citrix Home Page: Citrix's website.

Citrix Solutions Page: Need some more information on how Citrix solutions are used today, this page can help.

Extended FAQ:

We will share all the Q&A that participants ask here.

Please refer to the FAQ on the Challenge site as well for general Challenge related questions.

Special Requests: If you have a special request for expanded resources to assist with your solution entry, you can send email to citrixappchallenge@citrix.com with your request.  Please provide clear detail on what you are requesting and how it is essential for your Challenge entry.  Each entry will be reviewed to determine if it can be accommodated and if it is reasonable for the context of the Challenge.  For a request to be considered, you must be registered for the Challenge and have a registered Citrix Account (please ensure you identify this information in your request that we can link to your registrations)  

Requests might include things like:

  • Request for hosting of a custom Windows application in the XenDesktop cloud environment
  • Request for a full GoToMeeting account (beyound the "free" account)
  • Extra storage on ShareFile for you project


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