Activate, upgrade and manage Citrix licenses

Getting your Citrix licenses is a simple three-step process whether you are getting new licenses, participating in a product trial or upgrading to a higher product edition. New customers must register for a license program before purchasing Citrix products. Your Citrix partner can guide you through the simple online registration process or even register your organization on your behalf. Your partner will then place your order, referencing your license program registration number and customer number.

1. Activate

Your order confirmation e-mail contains instructions for activating licenses. Alternatively, you may activate licenses using the link below. If you do not have a license code view a list of your licenses in My Account.


2. Allocate

When asked, enter the license you wish to allocate. Select the specific number of users you wish to deploy and generate your license file. The resources below provide more details on license allocation.

3. Download

Save your license file and copy it to your license server using the License Management Console. The server will then read and initiate the license file.

(Software Maintenance, Appliance Maintenance)

1. Select Renewal

Citrix partners can help you renew your Maintenance and Support Programs. You can also renew your membership from My Account in the Manage Maintenance Programs Tool.


2. Place Order

When you select the licenses you wish to renew, you can create a quote or simply complete your renewal by entering payment information. Accepted forms of payment include purchase order, credit card or check.

Renewal and quote creation guide

3. Download

When your renewal order is processed you will receive a confirmation e-mail with instructions for retrieving your license renewal file. You can also retrieve your file from the Activate and Allocate Tool in My Account and add it to the license server.

Add renewals to a license server

1. Select Upgrade

For edition upgrades, proceed to step 2. Version upgrades require active Software Maintenance Program membership. Simply download and install your license renewal file and proceed to step 4. If your membership has lapsed refer to Renew your Software Maintenance Membership Program.

View Licenses

2. Select Licenses

To perform an edition upgrade, select the licenses you wish to upgrade then contact your Citrix partner to submit an order.

View Licenses
Find a Partner

3. Activate

To retrieve your licenses use the embedded link in your order confirmation e-mail or refer to Get your new licenses on this page.

Delete Obsolete

4. Download

Download the latest software media and additional product components for your new Edition or Version upgrade.


1. View

Get a comprehensive view of all Citrix license assets for your oganizations.


2. Reallocate

Move licenses from one license server to another license server with a different name.

How to document
 Instructional video (2:43)

3. Recover

Download previously downloaded licenses and deploy them to a license server of the same name.

Replace a license file

4. Return

Return licenses if you retire a license server and wish to reassign licenses at a later date.