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Now more than ever, contact center technology is critical to the customer experience. People interact with agents at pivotal moments in their customer service journeys, and their expectations are remarkably high: Just one negative experience can lead 62% of customers to stop doing business with a brand1. Yet many companies still struggle to create their ideal contact centers. And usually, a lack of flexible technology is to blame2. As the call centers of yesterday transform into the omnichannel contact centers of tomorrow, it’s imperative to put the right solutions in place today. With a secure digital workspace, it’s easy to do just that.

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Executive summary

  • Cloud-based contact center agents will soon outnumber on-premises agents.
  • Many businesses still rely on legacy call center technology that leaves gaps in performance and security.
  • Citrix Workspace makes it easy to deploy the modern contact center technology businesses need to create outstanding customer experiences.

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Business outcomes

Increase customer retention

In the contact center environment, where response time is critical, having fast access to information is key. The sooner customers can get issues resolved and questions answered, the more loyal they'll become. Research shows an astounding 91% of customers who have "low effort" experiences will remain committed to a company, compared with just 4% of those with high customer effort scores3. But with so many apps to monitor—web chat, voice calls, social media, email, and more—achieving first contact resolution can be a big challenge. Citrix Workspace lets contact center agents securely sign on once for seamless access to all the applications they need for the day, from any location and device. Once they log in, Citrix Workspace improves agent work experience using microapps that can streamline onboarding, push training, assess well-being and more. The result is faster onboarding, reduced employee turnover and higher customer satisfaction scores.

Ensure contact center apps perform fast

These days, applications are at the heart of virtually every customer interaction. But too often, business-critical apps don’t perform as well as expected. This can be especially problematic for remote agents who use home internet connections that are more susceptible to jitter, loss, and latency. Citrix Workspace equips you with a wide range of tools to keep contact center apps performing fast. Citrix SD-WAN intelligently optimizes connectivity for the apps that agents need and sends traffic directly to the appropriate public cloud when required, ensuring the best possible performance for each app. Citrix Analytics for Performance uses sophisticated machine learning to detect and prevent issues. And with Citrix ADC, it’s easy for IT to optimize app delivery for truly outstanding customer experiences.

Expand your talent pool

According to Gartner, cloud-based contact center agents will soon outnumber on-premises customer representatives4. And that’s a good thing. With contact center technology optimized for remote work, you can downsize physical office space while hiring from a larger talent pool that’s not location-dependent. Citrix DaaS (formerly Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops service) lets you create the engaging virtual environment Gartner says is critical for success, complete with specialized HDX technology to ensure voice and video calls are always rendered in high-definition. And when you experience sudden surges in demand –– during peak holiday seasons, for example, or during new product launches – Citrix DaaS can be used to onboard new users quickly. Agents can easily and reliably work from any location, while the business maintains full visibility and control.

Secure sensitive customer data

As the number of contact center agents working outside your datacenter grows, so does the need for greater security. Nearly one-third of organizations are moving contact center operations off-premises5, allowing agents to access to sensitive customer data on home broadband networks. At the same time, traditional VPNs are leaving gaps in security and legacy technology is proving difficult to scale. To help, Citrix Workspace equips you with a modern VPN alternative. This cloud-based contact center technology allows you to securely deliver apps to agents, without exposing them to external threats.

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