Simplify your cloud transition with automated on-ramps

Deliver unmatched performance with a cloud-ready network

By 2022, Gartner estimates $1.3 trillion in IT spending will be affected by organizations moving to the cloud, with the largest spending shift in application software1. By moving your business apps to the cloud, the cloud has effectively become an extended part of your WAN. This means your IT team needs a way to seamlessly bridge your distributed branch offices to their workloads in the cloud—otherwise your employees won’t have the app experience they need to be productive.

Branch-to-cloud connectivity—transformed

Employees depend on the availability and performance of business-critical apps to get work done. But when your branch offices rely on local internet connectivity, you face unpredictable service, lack of visibility, and cybersecurity risks. With Citrix SD-WAN Orchestrator, enjoy the freedom of choice of cloud on-ramps. By quickly creating SD-WAN virtual appliances (instances), you can set up direct, secure, and highly available connections to any of your applications running in popular IaaS and PaaS clouds, or connect to sites in other geographic regions.

Simplify your multi-cloud transition

According to Forrester, 86% of enterprises describe their cloud strategy as multi-cloud2. Citrix SD-WAN lets you seamlessly connect branch sites to whichever cloud vendors you choose, including Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, or AWS. When you deploy in an IaaS or PaaS cloud and connect it to physical SD-WAN appliances in your branch offices, you can quickly establish high-availability connections to Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) or Virtual Network (VNet) resources, allowing your users to access workloads with the best possible experience.

Always-on SaaS connectivity

As SaaS apps grow in popularity, the traditional method of backhauling traffic no longer provides an acceptable user experience. And public internet won’t deliver adequate performance for business-critical apps such as voice and video, either. Citrix SD-WAN Cloud Direct service gives you a new level of performance and reliability for SaaS. It’s a turnkey solution offering private, enterprise-grade connectivity and QoS over the internet to the nearest PoPs, with direct peering to more than 1,000 SaaS apps and 150 cloud platforms. Branch users get the same level of performance and reliability when accessing SaaS apps just as if the applications were in the data center or public cloud.

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