What does the future hold?

This is the decade of sustainability. So, how will we remember the next ten years? Will businesses look back at the opportunities they missed? Or will they be enjoying a better way of working?

We asked three sustainability experts about the big decisions facing all of us. Watch them discuss the technology people are turning to. And why these new ways of working are good for business.

Citrix on Sustainability – What does the future hold?

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It’s just good business
We asked more than 500 businesses about sustainability. And how it’s helping them succeed.

Citrix on Sustainability – Sustainability today
Follow our experts as they share their thoughts on setting goals and measuring success.

Citrix on Sustainability – Citrix and business
Discuss the role of sustainability in business.

Citrix on Sustainability – A better way to work
Take a look at what this better way of working could look like, in the sustainable business of the future.

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