Workspace Master Class

Episode 6 – Single Sign-On

One of the greatest frustrations for many users are passwords. And when you have many usernames, you end up with many passwords resulting in even greater levels of anger and frustration. It is time to break the cycle and say SERENITY NOW!!!

In episode 5 of the Workspace Master Class, we saw how we can make our primary identity more secure without imposing complex password policies on users. But in any environment, users have many secondary identities, each associated with different applications and resources. How can we take the user’s primary identity, translate it to a secondary identity without requiring the user to create, remember and enter multiple keys.

In this episode of the Workspace Master class, we will focus on Single Sign-On (SSO). How can we integrate SSO into the workspace to drastically improve the user experience.

  • SaaS apps
  • Web apps
  • Virtual apps
  • Mobile apps

Featured speaker

  • Matthew Brooks, Technical Marketing Architect, Citrix
  • Mayank Singh, Technical Marketing Architect, Citrix
  • Daniel Feller, Lead Architect, Citrix

Dan Feller
Lead Architect, Technical Marketing

Martin Zugec
Senior Architect

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