Workspace Master Class

Episode 3 – Let’s Get Physical

In episode one and two, you saw us create a user’s workspace incorporating virtual apps and desktops, SaaS apps, local and mobile apps as well as user content.  Let’s now use this base installation to better secure and expand access to the physical world.

In episode 3, see how we:

  • Multi-Factor Authentication:  quickly add a Time-based One-Time Password to provide multi-factor authentication
  • Remote PC Access: allow users to remotely access their Windows 10 work PCs, utilizing a global PoP network without deploying a full VDI or VPN environment
  • Content Connectors: provide users access to different content repositories, from a single location on their Windows 10 end points
  • Windows 10 Management: can easily manage Windows 10 end point devices with policy enforcement and application deployments to support Remote PC Access and user content

Featured speaker

  • Daniel Feller, Lead Workspace Architect, Citrix
  • Mayank Singh, Sr. Technical Marketing Engineer, Citrix
  • Frank Srp, Sr. Technical Marketing Architect, Citrix
  • Rob Sanders, Sr. Technical Marketing Architect, Citrix

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