The tie between modern digital workspaces and employee experience

Global leaders in virtually all industries realize that they face a similar problem: providing a great employee experience that attracts quality employees and keeps them engaged and productive. Executives see the problem, but do they really understand it, and know how to fix it?

The process starts with understanding what “employee experience” really means and what components make or break the employee experience. We’ll examine the pitfalls of ignoring the critical role employee satisfaction plays in overall business success. And we’ll discuss exactly what comprises a “modern digital workspace,” and how that technology is crucial in providing a great employee experience.

Join our webinar to get real world insights. We’ll provide numeric evidence from industry analysts and listen to anecdotes about how customers have changed the ways in which they attract top talent, retain crucial skills and keep workers interested for the long-haul.

By attending this webinar you’ll gain detailed insights on:

  • Why your company’s success hinges on great employee experiences and the engagement and productivity they bring.
  • How the right technology is a huge contributing factor to better business outcomes.
  • Understanding that not all digital workspaces are created equal.

This is a Citrix webinar you won’t want to miss. Register today!


Vishal Ganeriwala
Sr. Director Product Marketing, Workspace

Jack Gold
Founder and Principal Analyst
J.Gold Associates, LLC

Tamara McCleary

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