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What’s new in Citrix App Layering

Citrix DaaS (formerly Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops service) customers have an entitlement to App Layering. This solution lets you separately manage individual components (layers) of a Microsoft Windows image — the OS, apps, and user data—regardless of the underlying hypervisor or cloud infrastructure.

App Layering is already a valuable tool for your IT team. Now, you can achieve even greater speed, scalability, and efficiency, thanks to powerful new enhancements.

You can view the on-demand webinar for details on new App Layering capabilities from our expert presenters:

  • 2X-3X faster packaging and publishing with offload compositing: Compositing is the process of combining the OS, platform, and app layers into a single image for deployment. Extracting this function from the central Enterprise Layer Manager appliance (which can be a bottleneck) and handling it with ephemeral, lightweight VMs called compositing engines allows layer management to run in parallel, greatly improving speed and scale.
  • Automation with App Layering Cloud API service: Managing large numbers of layered images through a user interface can be time-consuming. Our new API service allows you to execute API calls that trigger actions on your layering appliance, such as publishing templates. This service opens opportunities for scripted automation to drive layer creation and management.
  • Personalization with writeable elastic user layers: To make it easier to include user customizations with an accessed image on any VM, Citrix has added the ability to dynamically attach the user layer vs. compositing it into an image.  When the user logs out, the elastic layer is preserved and will re-attach to the next VM that is accessed.


  • Rob Zylowski – Citrix Consulting Sr. Enterprise Architect
  • Daniel Lazar – Citrix Product Manager

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