Tech Zone Live

Learn how to deliver a flexible work experience through Citrix Workspace while protecting your company from ransomware attacks.

Topics discussed:

Technical Session 1: Moving to cloud to adapt a hybrid work environment

  • Why moving to Citrix Workspace is right for you
  • Debunking any cloud myths that have stopped you from adopting a hybrid, flexible work environment
  • Learn how you can use Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop service as a business continuity solution to scale up and down when needed

Technical Session 2: How to protect your company from ransomware attacks

  • What is ransomware, why you should care, and what you can do about it?
  • Some of the tools you can use to proactively protect your environment from ransomware attacks
  • How to securely deliver SaaS & web applications and let your users browse the internet without exposing your data to attackers

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