Remote Work 2.0 Virtual Summit: Lessons Learned and Best Practices for Workforce Agility

Starting around March, IT departments around the world engaged in a largely unplanned mass migration to remote work. It was catch as catch can. Few realized how long the work-from-home paradigm would last. As it begins to dawn on everyone that we may be in a paradigm shift toward more permanent remote work, organizations recognize that the duct-taped solutions of early 2020 require more robust approaches. This virtual summit from the editors of Redmondmag.com and Virtualization and Cloud Review looks at lessons learned from the big migration and best practices for ongoing and future workforce agility — both for end users and IT staff. Find out ways to iterate your remote workers into a 2.0 environment.


  • The Big Migration: Problems Caused by the Fast, Forced March to Remote Work
  • Architectural Options: An Overview of Different Ways to Enable Remote Work
  • Best Practices for Getting Remote Workers to a 2.0 Productivity Experience

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