Optimize the use of Slack via microapp integration on Citrix Workspace

Too Many Collaboration Tools? Consolidate Multiple Apps with Citrix Workspace Microapps.

Everyone collaborates! Citrix and A2K Partners help you leverage the power of microapps to declutter multi-platform communication and automate workflow.

Collaboration tools such as Slack, Teams and Zoom have become the standard requirement for working across organizations. However, too many apps often result in massive communication overload and lost productivity.

Join this webinar, as we—together with A2K Partners—demonstrate how Citrix Workspace with Intelligence provides a better and more productive work environment by offering you key microapp integrations for everyday collaboration tool demands.

We’ll walk you through a brand new Slack microapp integration and its benefits. In addition, we’ll give you an example of how multiple collaboration tools can be consolidated into Citrix Workspace. The result is a unified cross-collaboration solution to keep all of your work needs focused under a “single pane of glass” so you can stay focused and do more work that matters.

You will learn how to:

  • Create a more productive way of using Slack
  • Use a single digital space that unifies all of your work tools in a single app
  • Create task-based actions using several microapp integrations within Citrix Workspace


  • Alex Zaal, CTO, A2K Partners
  • Danijela Nandi, Sr. Product Manager, Citrix

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